Masks (Pt. 4)


If you want to be somebody, be yourself.

It’s too easy to get lost in what’s missing.
Slipping into deeper shades of grey with each mistake.
This won’t last with the world at our fingertips.
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Spider-Verse Cosplay

I have been making gradual fixes and upgrades to my Scarlet Spider (Kaine & Ben) cosplays in anticipation for an upcoming convention. I really want to put my own spin on familiar characters.
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Quote: Reading


It is hard to remain the same after opening a book that opens you up to the worlds around and within you.

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Masks (Pt. 3)


What the light tends to miss is what the dark can't resist.

You’re dangerous only when you’re misunderstood.
You want to cross the lines you know all too well.
Reflection shows what’s going on inside.
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MoPals Commercial

Here’s a commercial for MoPals (a business loyalty platform/app) I had the pleasure of working on with a few friends. My friends and I are some of the cafe’s customers. I thought I posted it last weekend, but I guess forgot.:)

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