Address & Move


Address it and move on.

Thought you were pulling your weight, but everything’s slipping.
Change is taking way too long cus you’ve been doing it wrong.
Now I’m at 220 reminiscing about life back in Flemo at 180.

Making memories disappear like a magician before they can return to sender.
Giving into every impulse without a worry.
Can’t even get mad like I used to;
The things you can’t change become you.

Location, location, location;
Everything has it’s place in this hot mess of a life.
Tell me where it hurts, and I’ll tell you where you’ve been.

What’s weighing you down?
Give it a name so you can address it.
Address it and move on.

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Burning bones bare your soul.

Thoughts crackle in the dark.
Emotions have exhausted all reason.

Death, desires and dreams know my name.
It’s the quiet moments that ask the big questions.

Am I enough?

Burning bones bare your soul.
Put these flames to rest before they get the best of you.

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Rest your hand on my heart.

Nurse me back to life with your smile, when I can’t breathe.
Love me until I’m at peace.
You’re the cure to this violent insomnia.

Rest your hand on my heart.

Stay with me through the visiting night.
Slow the rushing traffic in my wandering mind.
Everything isn’t anything, when you’re so close I can hear you breathe.

Rest your hand on my heart.
Give me your love.
Wrap me up in your embrace, so I can go to sleep.

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Take Over


Get the best of me to rise to the surface.

When I want to fight over nothing
Quiet the fires raging in my mind
When I’m bothered by words that aren’t even true
Give me a good word so true there’s nothing to question

When I’m not sure of anything
Remind me of all the things I wish I knew
When all eyes are on me
Show me that you’re the only one worth seeing

When everything takes me under
Take over
When I’m the worst of the worst
Get the best of me to rise to the surface

Take over
I need you now
Take over

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Spare Parts


I want to be, not to seem.

Rid me of these spare parts.
Remove everything that’s overcome me.
Strip me bare.

Humble my expectations.
Don’t keep me hanging on to reasons without reason.
Set me free.

Lessen these complications.
Bare bones & bristling with sweet simplicity.
Take me back to basics.

I want to be, not to seem.

Show me what I really am.
Give me nothing & I’ll make something out of it.

I want to start anew.

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