Take Me Away


We'll go where your dreams live...

I don’t want to wait.
Slow and steady’s never ready.
I don’t want to look back.

You make me feel something I want to explore.

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Happiness Jar 2015



What’s in your jar?

I know it’s February and all, but I just realized that I hadn’t emptied my Happiness Jar. You know the one from this post, My Happiness Jar. The way I see it, January is the trial period of a new year so I can ease into things properly.

2015 provided me with 88 memorable moments of happiness that I couldn’t forget.  Continue reading

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Zoolaplex – ‘Fetish For Clowns’


I am here today to tell you that I got my ass kicked in this episode of Zoolaplex. This is just further proof that I am a ‘Lover’ and not a ‘Fighter’.

‘Zoolaplex’ is a comedy/drama audio web-series by No Studio In Particular that takes a look at the chaos that is working in the retail industry.

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Study the nights...

When I am nothing will I mean something?
In my absence would anything be different?
I don’t know and that scares me.

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Global Game Jam 2016


Realm of Ritualists

I had the opportunity to voice a character in “Realm of Ritualists” by Innumerable Studios in New Zealand, as part of Global Game Jam this weekend.

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