The lights are blinding
The lights are flickering like my emotions
The lights are going off, is something wrong?
The lights are falling over me and it feels so warm
The lights are shining over me and casting a shadow thats bigger than I’ll ever be
The lights are burning in and out again as the brightness intensifies
The lights are illuminating everything in their grasp
The lights are screaming with vibrance as they cover the floor
The lights are dying, one by one and letting darkness in

The lights are trying to tell us something
We all need to shine our lights and we all need to find our light
So we can find our way home, so we can find our way to each other
So shine on, even if your light is dying
A small light can be the brightest thing you know when you’re lost in the dark
You don’t need much to see, you just need to see your way through
Through the darkness we’ve grown so used to

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