Slow Emotion

I’m sitting, wishing, waiting like that Jack Johnson song
I’m never sure of what I know
Uncertainty rides me daily
It stops me in my tracks whenever I try to make my way to you
If we could simplify complication everything would be so easy
But the easy way is oh so boring and where’s the fun in that?
So we speak our minds and pour our hearts
We let go while we try not to fall apart
You want to let go and let me in, but I mess up and lock myself out
So I wait and stand by your door and listen to your breathing
As it takes my breath away

If only I could see your emotions play through in slow motion
Maybe then I’d be able to read you
But since I can’t see your thoughts I’m a lost as you are pissed
And I’ll never know why until it’s far too late
It must be that time again because you’re leaving me confused
With that glare that glazes over your eyes when your soul leaves your body empty
That look says something, but I’m never quite sure what
I’m sure if you could you’d burn a hole right through me with that stare
Burn me if you must, but I’m not leaving
Who will you turn to when the air around you feels colder than its ever been
And you’re too afraid to take another breath?

Who will give you what you could never ask for?

How long till I forget whats been said?
How long will it be until I let you down?
Let you fall to pieces alone
Will the space between
Our distance
Our hold
Our voices
Our touch
Define the bond we have
Or will the light of our words define the essence of our relationship or whatever this is?

We all have to push to some extent to make ourselves known
I push myself to say what I feel
After all, you cant react if I don’t act
You’re always right, especially when it comes to me

I am predictable

I fall to pieces over you
I’m off balance and out of my mind
I know I’m on to something, but am I in too deep?
I am frozen still in this unbearable heat that radiates from you
Should I push on or pull away?

Once again I’ve managed to make this all about me
When it should be about you
I don’t matter, whether I’m everything or nothing to you
You fill in the blanks that I could never finish
You make me crazy, you make me sane
You make me so unstable that I can no longer stand
But I’m not afraid of falling
Falling is the easy part, it’s getting back up that hurts
Your words have repelled, attracted, confused, amused and knocked me the hell out
And for some reason I never get sick of hearing them
So tell me something, anything at all
Take your time
While I watch your emotions play through in slow motion

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