I hope you get this message
Sooner than later
I’m waiting for your answer
I’m asking my patience to hold on a little longer
As I drift off in thoughts of you
Holding onto my only connection with you
From this far away can you really sense
That I am thinking of you
Carry me away my restless thoughts
Let me drift out of my dreams and into yours
Listen to me as my voice trails off
When I swallow my words and they don’t reach your ears
Does it mean that you can’t hear what I’m trying to say?
Look at me as I look away
When I can’t look you in the eye no matter how hard I try
Do you still see the way I look at you?
When my thoughts drift off in mid-sentence
Do you know where I was going?
Let my words reach you
In a way that dictionary terms rarely do
Let them wrap you in my soul
Give in to this new found confidence that comes from being where you feel happiest
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