Flooding of the Sleepless Mind

Under, over, up and down
Nowhere to be seen and all around
Inside out, expose what’s within
Let the outside in as you breathe life in

Live out loud and lie in silence

Look alive while feeling dead
Walk about without taking a step
Feel like falling while you stand so high
Accept denial as you embrace and oppose
Dream big dreams and live in a little reality
Expand your mind as you confine your heart
Or was it find your heart while you lose your mind?
Either way we can’t have the good without the bad
The light without the dark
Living without dying
Thinking without feeling
Understanding without confusion
Acceptance without denying
And me without you
It’s almost 2:30 in the morning and I have no idea what I’m still doing up.
This is quite random and I probably won’t understand what any of this means
until I read it again later.
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