Been There

I’ve been in a place of unending summer
I’ve been in the coldest winters that lie deep within my heart
I’ve been high above the clouds where my troubles feel so far away
Yet I remain here on the ground where my problems are a breath away
I’ve been through the past and yet I still look back
I’ve seen the future with and without you
But nothing’s the same without you there
I’ve been downtown alone
And I’ve felt down all on my own
I’ve seen the lives of the old
I’ve bought a new lease on life with my reborn soul
I’ve rised above the waters
Yet I can’t stop falling
I’ve braved the flames of passion
Yet I still get burned by the flame that burns me out
When I try too hard to put it out and put you out of my mind
I’ve seen the sun and I’ve seen the moon in the dark of the night
I’ve seen life pass me by
I’ve seen life stand still for the longest seconds I’ve ever known
I’ve seen who I am
I’ve seen my reflection from many different angles
I’ve closed my eyes and seen what I feel inside
When my heart skips a beat at the thought of you
I’ve fought with strangers
I’ve fought myself and I probably always will
I’ve followed your path
I’ve gone on my own and gone right of left
And left myself with no reason left to think twice
I’ve lived this long and yet I feel as though I haven’t lived at all
I want to know where the center of my being is
Is it in my mind or is my heart where it resides?
I’m farther from where I was, but I’m still here inside
I am going nowhere even though I’m walking
I’m tired of not knowing
I just have no idea where my brain is
It checked out and left my body with the bill
It’s gone and left me with this pile of emotional flesh
And a soul that wants its freedom
Something’s rising within me
With this fire burning deep within me
With this hunger for something
That only knowledge and contentment can fill
Its the kind of thing that can only be communicated through a smile
Through the knowledge of knowing honest heartfelt joy
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