Reckless Abandon

Everybody wants to run away
Run so far that they can’t see what they’re running from
What are you running from?
Nobody knows where they are
they act like they know
so they won’t show how lost they really are
How far gone are we now?
Don’t we know that there’s a way out

A way away from here
Away from the fears, from the tears and from the ghost that haunts
You when you’re down and out

Can’t somebody see what I see?
I see you all alone, but you’re not lonely
Oh no, you’re getting along just fine on your own
But some are weak, we’re not all as strong as you
Some lose their cool and don’t know what to do
We all crack sooner or later
Sooner or later we all grow
We grow into people that we no longer  know
And we wonder why people don’t know us anymore
We run and we hide and try to deny
Our feelings that we feel when love is the only high
We don’t cherish what we have
Oh no, we throw it away like it’s yesterday’s trash
But love’s not trash, its what you put into it
Abandon your fears like the fearful abandon hope
Throw it away with reckless abandon
Fear of love doesn’t belong here
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