Catching up to friends that aren’t there
Chasing names that don’t know yours
Staring at faces that won’t face you
Walking towards people that walk away from you
You’ve found yourself lost where they left you
You scream aloud inside your muted mind
In hopes that they’ll hear your yearning to be somebody
You’re only as free as they’ll let you be
Living through their dreams
You’ve yet to live for yourself
You hide behind their experiences
Leaning against the wall that you’ve grown attached to
The only thing that kept you standing all those times they made you fall
You’re not sure where the wall begins and where it ends
Its all the same
Trying to find the strength to get up
But your legs have given out
And you’re broken in more ways than they’ll ever know
But that hasn’t stopped you from moving on to bigger better things
That hide behind bigger badder bullies that refuse to let you through
But you refuse to feel their abuse and you refuse to fall
You don’t know what you’re going through all this for
You know there has to be something better than this
Better than feeling like its your fault just for breathing the same air as them
You don’t know that you’re not alone
You’re not the only one
Everyone that walks by you is bruised just like you
They’ve just found new ways to cover it up
But they all hurt the same way you do
Every friend tries to fix you and make you whole again
Everyone wants a cure
So we find something to hold on to
Even if its only for a minute
We’ve all felt the same
Different people struggle just the same
Different problems, but the feelings the same
Though we may not say it, we can all relate
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