Working Itself Out

My mind is restless
When most people are eating, they are just eating
When I’m eating, I’m thinking
I’m not thinking about eating, but about what’s eating me
With doubt flying overhead dropping bombs on my fragile sense of security
I tend to tense up and throw away all sense of reason

I’m losing my youth with the weight of the world riding me daily
I’ve got 5 bucks in my pocket and a smile that’s fading fast
I’m against myself times ninety
Wrapped in concerns that shouldn’t concern me
I don’t know how to say no

I’m climbing, chasing, cursing and changing
All so I can satisfy you?
My body hasn’t had time to rest
Since my mind is arrested by thoughts of you
Could you let your hair down and be transparant for a while
To see if you’re human afterall

I stayed, and I stay
Can’t change this feeling
Way out of touch, out of reach
I’m running faster than my body can stand
From thoughts that aren’t my own
Thoughts that won’t think of letting up until I give up and give in
Am I hiding behind my thoughts or are they hiding behind me?

I’m not a slave to you
I’m not waiting to be lost
I’m not like you
Would it be easier if I was?
Right words, wrong time
Right emotion, wrong person

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