Life in 600 Seconds and 279 Words

Down the steps
Slowly we go
No one needs to know where we go
Looking forward while looking back
Can’t help thinking
About what we’ve left
The good, the bad and everything in between
The happy, the sad, and whatever is left
Left of right, we live or we die
Can’t fight when our feelings are the only weapons we have
We cry, we lie, and we lie in the shade
In the safety of what we know
Oh, how safe it is to feel safe

Flashes of life seen in the blink of an eye
An explosion of youth finding its voice
Clashing of ideas coming together
When unity seizes dividing and division unites
Struggles of the heart and soul are fought in the mind
When everything’s nothing and nothing is fine
Confusion knows no bounds
When the heart loses it appetite
And love doesn’t fill the void like it used to
Used to living, used to love
Used to knowing that God’s up above
With no sense of direction
How can we say which way it is to heaven? 

Refusing to live because of fear of dying
So we predetermine that we have no life and death is the only end
When we haven’t tried living and we don’t feel like dying
No, we don’t feel like dying today or any other day
Something is rising
Someone is thinking
Somewhere someone is content with knowing that they don’t know everything

When random thoughts don’t seem so disjointed

And calculated responses don’t hold their claim
When enough isn’t enough anymore
Because we’ve been through enough to know
That nothing’s what it seems
Because nothing means everything
When it’s gone

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