Reason To Believe

Trying to find a reason that seems reasonable
But I am unable to find it within me
Somethings aren’t meant to be
Within or without me
Myself, I am nothing
I don’t know if I’m even sure if I understand what freedom is
Trying to find a feeling to identify with
I fear that I hear voices that aren’t mine
But I find comfort in them all the same
Tragic and beautiful my dependency in you and your shoulder seems
Its not my weakness that bothers me, its my strength
That which outweights and overpowers my beliefs
I’d rather be weak and know it than to be strong and feel so weak
Its unforgivable to be this strong, this sure of something
And forget what it is I’m doing this for
But still I long for more
More of this miracle in the form of affection that I rarely receive
I long for more contact through skin and spirit
And less talking, less words that lose me to no end
Trying to find something to believe in
This is a blinding reflection of what I see in myself when I look at you
I have to wonder if this mirror tells me lies
But why do you search for what you know you already are?
The closer I want to get the farther I find myself
I’ll find myself in the middle of nothing
Like everything that was before me
It all starts out as nothing and becomes so much more
I want to be like that
I want to be more than the eye can see
Unattainable, yet possible to grasp
Unbelievable, yet so true
That there is no reason not to believe in me
I want to mean what I say and say what I mean
I want to be clear
Crystal clear
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