24 Hours To Be A star

When will I learn to let go
When will I wake up and sit up straight
Without struggling to believe that this is my reality
Really you’d think that I’d get it by now
But I’m not strong enough to believe and
I’m not weak enough to let it soak in
To me today isn’t just another day
Another way for me to change
No, it’s more than that, it’s so much more
Today could be the absence of all the ties that bind
All the lies that weigh on me like sinking under the bottomless sea

History won’t write me into its pages
His story is far more interesting with all the glitz and glam of a celebrity life
Forget about living on the edge of a cliff
Forget about contemplating better ways to enjoy your day
The stars and their fake grace are calling
But why search for what you already are
Each moment you spend looking for them is a wasted moment
That could have spent celebrating the person you are 

Paranoid can’t even describe the way you feel
Everything is against you when you’re head is splitting filled with tears
24 hours to make a mark
Will it be the world or the lives of those you love?
Will you fade like the stars or live on through the blood of your kin?
Your skin won’t be marked by the wants and needs of superficiality
Officially you are dying inside
In actuality you are more alive than you’ve ever been

One more sunrise till you go
All that you wanted has been right in front of you
Painted in the smiles and tears of those you stand before
You don’t need to chase the stars anymore
All that you need is here waiting for you
With arms wide open accepting you as you are
With all your charming faults and heartfelt scars


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