Everything Is (Far and Few)

Everything is so wonderful
When I’m full of myself and loose from your hold
All I need now is to get used to this feeling
It’s my choice, my reason, my life win or lose
I’ve made up my mind
I’m going to unwind while my world is still spinning
I’m losing my balance
I can’t seem to get a grip
I’ve lost hold of what I’ve known
My sense of feeling is in overdrive
Every touch, every word, every song
Triggers a feeling
Everything’s so undefined
Sorting through the mess I’ve left myself in
Left untouched for so long
It seems as though the dust has grown fond of these memories
Past and present all over the place
My extra skin lies next to me waiting for me to put it on
But I think I’ll stay as I am
I’m in no mood to shed this shirt that comforts me when I’m alone
It has as much value as it does colour
And that’s why I can never throw it away
My apologies are far and few
Human kindess won’t allow me to take back
The words said, the thoughts thought or the actions taken
And so I stand left behind with everything that’s yet to be defined
This is how it is for me and this is how I want it to be
Maybe you’ll never understand, but maybe that was my plan
All I’m asking for, all I want is something real, something I can feel
I may be asking for too much, but if I don’t ask how will I ever receive it?
So I ask again to be captured and kept
In a place where I can see everything clearly
That’s all I want
That’s all I need
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