Feeling So Gone

You threw me off
I can’t stand to be beside someone that holds my heart at ransom
You may not mean it; you may not even know it
But you are killing me in more ways than you will ever know
You never told me exactly how you felt when it came to me
I tried to tell you how I felt
But you don’t want my brand of love
You said you needed to concentrate
You want to feel like you are loved
I need to feel like I am wanted
My heartbeat is so out of sync with yours

I don’t know what to say
Your silence rings so clear
Your voice sounds so far though you’re near
So what difference does it make if you’re right next to me or a million miles away?
You’re still just as far, even when you’re right next to me

These words are so strong because of the feelings that fuel them
I know that I can only be by myself for so long
I will always be myself, but I hope I will find someone else
Someone who won’t complicate simplicity
I am biting down on my lips
I will not lose myself in your tears
So take your tears out of my eyes
Because I don’t need to feel like this

Why should I wait for you?
When waiting is all I ever do
I have a life that I should be living
I can’t touch you when you’re so distant
And my words can’t seem to reach you from where I stand
So maybe I should just burn this map and find my own way
To leave you where you left me
I don’t need to be here
I won’t be misguided by words that aren’t sure of what they truly mean
So let go of me, release me from your grip
I’m so gone
In hopes that I’ll find solace on my own
Don’t wait up for me
I’m done waiting for you

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