Lying in Roses

Fell asleep at your door
Caught myself dreaming with a broken heart
Waking up was the hardest part
Discovering that you still weren’t there
And knowing that you never would be if you knew I was going to be here
I could be wrong, I could be right
But right now I’m waiting and wet
Covered in tears that have become diluted with rain
With roses in one hand and my heart in the other

Saying your name feels like punching underwater
I can never hit who I’m aiming for
Watching my tears and fears hit the ground
I’m a mess and I care not for rest
I know I won’t get any sleep until I see you again
Love me or leave me, I still need to see this through
I feel like a fool, I was your tool
Now I can no longer fix you because I’m the one in repair

Thrown away my watch
Grown tired of looking at the number of minutes with you I’ve missed
No point in looking at the passing time or my fading hopes
I came here feeling as bold as love
Now I feel as cold as the ground I’m sitting on
Don’t want to feel down, so I look up to the sky
But my heart is still heavy and won’t pick itself up off of the floor
Nothing but you can move me

This is the first time my stupid stubbornness has done me some good
I know I’m a fool for waiting this long
But to me we’re not over because we never truly began
I wasn’t the person you wanted
Because I wasn’t the man I was supposed to be
You gave what you could
I took more than you had
Now I need nothing
Except for you in my arms with these roses in your hands

I don’t want to give up on you
I don’t want to see you with someone new
So I’m here doing something I would normally never do
Hopefully you’ll find me here
Holding on to loving you
Lying in roses that were meant solely for you

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