Almost Honest

Standing at the corner of my eye
Is the love of my life, but she doesn’t know it yet
cus she doesn’t know me yet
You don’t know my name
Cus every conversation we’ve had was silent
As I walked right by
While you looked at me as I looked at you
Could I tell you something?
You suffocate me with your passion
Without a doubt I’m without a prayer
I need a place to stay
And I was hoping that your arms would be free
To have and to hold me in your embrace
Would it be too much to ask of you?
I was almost honest
Almost true
So damn close to breaking through to you
Nearly told you how I felt
Don’t wanna be too obvious
Cus that would be too easy
Darn, I was almost honest with you
Can’t ignore this non-stop nudging from the inside
Gotta push on and give it a go
Gotta let you know
Now that I know what to say
Could I tell you something?
You’ve got me under lock and key
Goodbye to broken thoughts
Farewell to shattered hearts
In my dreams I speak and you believe every word
When I turn around you’re right there
As I turn left you’re right there at my side
The closer I am to you, the farther away my troubles seem
The longer I stay by your side, the less I see reason to leave
The more I look in your direction, the more I see that I need you
You turn me out
Got me a glimpse of heaven and so much more
Got me a lovely transfusion
That gets the blood rushing to my heart
You got me falling apart at the seams
You do it to me every time
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