Got Me Good/Shot Me Dead

I’m like this because of you
Because I’m without you even when I’m with you
You’re not giving me much to work with
I can’t make something from nothing
I need a bit more to go on
A word, a look, a touch, a reason
Am I asking too much of you?

How like fate?
Inevitable yet surprising when it happens to you
If you play with fire you’ll get burned
Now that I’ve learned it’s far too late
Now I’m a mess of a man down here on the floor
Thanks for driving me here
Driving me to drink
Driving me to rethink everything I thought I knew about you

It hurts and part of me wishes I were dead
But I’m still here, living trying to exist without you
Look what you’ve done to me
Fell so fast, fell so hard
I have the scars to prove it
You went too far, you didn’t have to
Baby why did you go and do it?
What hurts the most is not that I’m dying here
What hurts is that you did this to me
Yeah, you got me good

Oh baby you got me good
You shot me down
You shot me dead
I didn’t live longer than that night
What hurts the most is the fact that you did it
Looked me straight in the eye and killed me point blank
Night after night with all your teary-eyed lies
Made me sad cus I saw the truth
When I saw me without you cus you were with him
Never knew your brand of love could be so damn sadistic
Chalk me up as another heartbroken statistic
Here I am another victim of fatal attraction
Yeah, you got me good

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