Room For Someone Else

You live with your heart at a distance
You think your mind has all the answers
Clean out your mind
Set your heart right, make some room
Find some space in your heart for someone else
If your past is any sign of her future
You should be letting her in soon
Just to get back the place where you started
So you can watch her all over again

Take a risk, take a chance
Give it all you got if you don’t want to lose it
Pull out all the stops
Hold on to her if you think you’ve got something good
Stop holding back
Gotta let go sometime
Just let it go, go with the flow
Bet you’ll have some fun
Can’t control everything
Hearts are too wild to tame, so just let them run wild

There is no end
You’re right in the middle
Face to face with such a pretty little face
For a moment you can hardly breathe
Can hardly believe that she’s here with you
Take your heart’s advice
Do what you gotta do to prove that you’re the one
Take her in with the warmth of your word’s embrace and longing looks
She can’t wait to fall in love with you
You can’t wait to fall in love with her
This could be the beginning of something good

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