Not For Sell

You told me the world would be mine
If I believed in something strong enough
It would be mine if I wished and wanted it hard enough
So I wish instead of breathe and want instead of talk
For fear that doing anything else will make me lose my place in line

I can’t stay down until I get what I want
Everyday I’m alive I pull myself out of my grave
Own my soul while I’m lost living in this world
Where nothing is sacred
Call me sentimental, stuck in nostalgia
Ignorant to the present day pursuit of profit
Some things just aren’t for sell
My soul, my beliefs, my memories and my trust are priceless

I can’t swallow all this crap that is shoved down my throat
There are some things that I will never get used to and I don’t plan to anytime soon
They say we adapt to survive
Lose what we don’t need so that we can move forward
Bury the past with everything else
It hurts to know that we can get used to anything if we’re exposed to it long enough
Humans without humanity gaining power and wealth all in their own names
Draped over bottles, billboards, hotels and clothes
We want to smell like them and dress like them
But we forget that they were once like us, wanting to be like someone else
So really, we want to become people that don’t want to be who they are
So we go photo shopping for the ideals and superficiality
We’ve grown used to seeing on screen and in magazines
We give in to whatever they sell us and tell us we should be

Try as I might the world still isn’t mine
Although I’ve got my soul, my bills, my stress and worries right up to my neck
A worried Mother that wants to see me through the darkest days
Without a Father to follow or live up to
So I make my mistakes my way as many times as I need to
I live, I learn and I lay content
Knowing that I’m not like the invisible man in my memories
Some say I’m blessed, some say I’m humble
While others say that I’ve got an ego bigger than my body
Well if I don’t believe in myself, who will?
Believe me my belief in myself is necessary
So that I can make it through the blackness of stereotypes, lies, fears and failure
As long as I have my voice, my scars and my sense of belief
That is all that I need, forget the world

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