Speaking your mind is not as easy as it seems
When you speak you push
You move just a step closer to being real
As you struggle to speak your mind
Each word rattles the cages of your secretive nature
You break away from yourself until nothing is left to hold you back
Uttering things others dare not admit they think about
Is this liberating or condemning?
Are you taking a part of what I’m saying to heart?

Commit me to memory as I commit myself to honest talks about everything and anything
Pouring myself into your conscious conscience
Hoping that something I’ve said will evoke something within you as you stay quiet
Holding onto your thoughts that have become shadows in your mind
Casting out any thoughts of setting your tongue free 

Exposure to freedom makes you want to be free
Free to be anyone you so choose, even if only for a moment
Free to wander through conversations about life, dreams and everything in between
I’m just exploring expression of pleasurable thoughts
Would you be free to talk after a round of dreaming freely?
When you are as I am
Nothing is off limits because limits are nothing more than we make them to be
It’s not a matter of ease
It’s a matter of honesty

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