Never More

Never going to say goodbye, I barely even know how to say “hi”
You’re never going see what I see in you
We’re never going to be
You’re never going to accept me
Never did you try

Never have I tried so hard to fight what’s inside
You’re never going to cry
You’re never going to buy that thing you thought I wanted to brighten up my day
We’re never going to see eye to eye
Cus when you look at me I look away
I’m never going to look forward again, at least not while you’re standing in front of me

Never will you know what’s past this outer shell called “me”
Never ever have I known what love looked like until I saw you
I couldn’t deny that I could love you, hell I could try

Never holding on, always holding back
Why won’t you let me show you that I mean it
When I say “you’ll always be inside of me”
You’re always on my mind, heart and soul all the time
And just when I think I’ve had enough you touch me in ways that you’ll never know

Never going to feel like this was real
This once was a dream and will always be a fantasy
Memories of you always make a mess of me
I fall to pieces continually when you’re around
Never sure who to be, never know what to say
So I hope my actions speak loud enough for me
I can hear my feelings echoing but apparently you don’t want to hear them

Never going to speak of this again, although I know I’ll always wonder why
I’ll wonder what could have been everyday once again
Even though I think I love you, you know that I’ll always just be your friend
You were crystal clear like this tear
I feel like I could hate you, but it’s so hard when all I want is to love you

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