Tomorrow’s Always A Better Day

Words to live by
Things to try
A life worth living for is something I’d like
Been so close to this feeling of something new
But it keeps evading me as I find my way
Take me there
Hold me down, but don’t hold me back
Cus I won’t stick around for that
Give me a chance to breathe you in
Let me savor you as I slowly take all of you in
It may sound selfish but there’s just no other way to be

Inspiration come over me yet again
Take me in, humble me with your touch
Keep me going when my journey has brought me to my knees
There no question about it
Some things are meant to be while other only try to be
But just once I’d like to see what its like to be sure

We come together today to separate today from yesterday and any other day like it
When it comes to you
I can’t wait to see another day
Where my shades of grey have been washed away by your smile
When I’m scared of the day faced before me
I feel better knowing that tomorrow’s always a better day (with you there)

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