Yesterday Today

Who knew that yesterday’s promises would be today’s apologies?

The things we said not so long ago seemed to get twisted with age
Everything that meant something to someone could mean nothing by tomorrow
So I hope tomorrow never comes

Today yesterday came & slapped me in the face
And told me to quit being so naive
With every passing heart beat comes the possibility of pain
No matter how we try we always seem to slip away
From yesterday today seemed so far away
We had so much time to lose ourselves in becoming another version of the same person
While we lost ourselves in the many days

Yesterday loved me
Today hates me
Yesterday missed me
Today wants to forget about me
Today yesterday loves to hate me and she never misses a chance to remind me
Yesterday I kept all my thoughts next to my heart’s beat box
Filled with feelings that were fueled by the fire inside of me
Before the world came & made me colder
I swear I saw it coming
But I thought I had more time
Now I can’t change yesterday
But yesterday’s changed me from the inside out

Yesterday I had nothing to say and today I’m all out of words
The only difference is that yesterday never got the chance to hear what I had to say today
And for that I am sorry
Now I only hope that tomorrow comes and takes away all the pain of yesterday

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