Attraction Addiction

I like the way you fall over me
I like the way you move through me in the dark
The way you shy away when you know that you can’t help but to draw closer to me
I like the way your name sounds as I whisper it to myself
I don’t know why your presence always brings the noise
That causes my heart to beat until it’s drown out everything around me
Don’t you know where your place is?
Don’t you know where your place is in my heart?

I don’t want anyone that truly wants me
I want to be with a beautiful stranger
So I can feel that hint of danger as I get closer to them
I don’t want to know what I’m getting myself into
I’d rather fall head first than walk in knowing what to expect
Like sex and passion, I hunger for more but I don’t quite know how to get my fill
Everybody wants somebody to hold, somebody that’ll love you without being told
I want someone that says outright how they feel and what they want unapologetically

Everybody wants to break the mold
Nobody wants to do what they’re told
So I’ll ignore the constant beckoning of my heart
I’ll take a wrong turn as I learn to feel my way out
I’ll get you addicted to my laugh and smile while you try to understand what it is about me that tickles your fancy
I will push you away just to pull you in closer than before
You will find me appealing and want what I’m dealing
If only you’d breathe me in and breathe out what you want of me

I will fill your body
I will cover you from head to toe with my essence
Pull me over you as I pull you in
All over you will see me with you
Attraction like this is rare
Addiction like this never lets go
Keep fighting, keep turning away
But in the end you won’t like me
You’ll love me like no other before

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