Switched Off (Fuse)

I awoke one morning
Everything remained the same, except my feelings
I don’t know why & I don’t know how
But something was turned off
That random blinking light inside me switched off
Had I blown a fuse or was I just broken?
How could something once so strong be shut down so easily?
Without even knowing it
You turn me on just to turn me off almost as effortlessly as you take my breath away

They always said “it’s the little things that make or break you.”
Well all those little things sure piled up high while I was burning bridges
One day when I’ve risen above this situation I’ll burn it all down to the ground
Someday I’ll pull together this rift that I created when I got lost between my pride & my promises

The whispers under my breath say so much that you’ll never hear
I keep swallowing my words instead of swallowing myself whole
I can’t deny that I am full of myself cus I’ve yet to be filled to the brim with anyone else
There’s truth in your eyes
But what lied within me as you looked at me before you looked away was doubt & denial
The kind of chemistry that should never be
I guess I got covered in darkness
I adjusted to this paradigm prison as I forgot what was waiting outside
Leave me alone, but don’t leave me lonely
Everybody needs somebody sometimes; it’s just an ordinary pain

I know that it was all because of me that we will never see each other the same way again
I always knew that it would be me, but that doesn’t make this pill any easier to swallow
Trying to ignore it was harder than it seemed
But trying to be someone else was even harder than it appeared
I can’t be who you are when I can barely be myself
Between my dreams of you and my reality without you
The only thing that remains is what’s left of me
Yeah, the only thing that’s worse than one is none

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