Lifehouse – “Who We Are”

Lifehouse will release their new album "Who We Are" today.
I’ll be sure to pick it up because I have been waiting for this album to drop.
It seems like some of the songs they released before this album came out didn’t make it into the 12 slot.
Songs like "Running Away", "Goodbye" & "Midnight in Philladelphia", but "Storm" which is a song that was released before their 1st album as "Lifehouse" has made the cut. I’m glad storm was included, its always been one of my fav songs.
Track Listing
1. "Disarray"
2. "First Time"
3. "Whatever It Takes"
4. "Who We Are"
5. "Broken"
6. "The Joke"
7. "Easier to Be"
8. "Make Me Over"
9. "Mesmerized"
10. "Bridges"
11. "Learn You Inside Out"
12. "Storm"
I now have the album and I will be saturating myself in it.
I’ll post a review for this album very soon.

First Time (Live)

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