Some people are just gifted with enticing voices that grab hold of you and never let go.
When you have the pleasure of talking with such people you just lose yourself in their words.

"I had a dream that felt so right and so real that I did not want it to end.
Every time she spoke my dream would begin again."
– Mr. GQ


I long for you to whisper in my ear
I can’t seem to shake it so I take in what I hear
I can’t beat the beating of my heart, but I knew that from the start
So I give in to the taste of sweet surrender
Your voice is addictive in nature
The silky tone of your soft admissions wraps around me
Blanketing me effortlessly in thoughts of what could be
What will come next I wonder?
As I let myself be taken in by your subtle teasing
I can’t help myself, so I wait for my strength to return
Not so I can fight this feeling, but so I can hold on longer
Usually I would talk to no end
Throwing in witty comments as if they were the icing on the cake that is you
But I dare not speak because I don’t want to break the flow of your words
I am floating, carried away by your charming giggles
It’s silly I know, but the innocence of your laugh makes me yearn
To say that I yearn to learn of all the things that makes you laugh would be true
But that is not my mission
My mission is to follow each sound, each word and each whisper that leaves your lips
With looks and words that will make you speak again
To be honest I don’t care what you say because I get lost in it all the same
It’s not that your words mean nothing to me
It’s just that everything you say sounds so good to me

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