Put You In Your Place

I wanted to take a phrase that is not typically associated with positive feelings or moments.
When most people intend to “Put you in your place,” it’s usually not a good thing, so I wanted to put a spin
on that. When you believe that you should be with someone you don’t think that anyone else but you will do. With that thought and intent in mind I tried to find a way to express what I think people wish they could say to the ones that they long to be with.

“Looking back I realize it was always there just never spoken. I’m waiting here…been waiting here.” – J.M.
In case you didn’t know
I never want to let you go
I’ve thought about holding onto you a little longer
So that you’d see that I could be something more
I need you to know what it’s like
To know that something about you stays with me longer than a night

I’ve got nothing tonight
There’s nothing to fight as I lay under this dim light
I’m too blind to see myself without you
I could settle for being fine, but I’d rather know that you were mine
So I’ll shine until I burn myself out
Even if it means you’ll only see for a second for who I really am
Maybe that will be long enough for me to pass through your thoughts

I’d like to stay with you even when I’m gone, to keep you company and keep you warm
It’s automatic the way I let down my guard when you’re around
This is the first time that you’ve ever seen me this way
But I’m always like this when I feel you close to me
I can’t take it, you should be with me

I’ll take a chance and break my silence
There’s no expiration on these feelings that I’ve had for so long
So you don’t need to check my intentions
You don’t even have to wait cus I won’t hesitate any longer
I have to follow my heart while I still can
I can’t stop here, not when you’re so near
I fear that I’ll lose my breath as I breathe you in
But still I long for more

Everywhere you are is a better place
I just want you to feel what I feel when I see your face
So let me put you in your place
Right here in my arms

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