The Night Fuels Us (Urgency)

The night allows us to do many things.
Some people can only be
themselves as they lose themselves in the heat of the night.
If only we
could love as long as we’ve longed to love.

"You always stick around long enough to leave me longing." – Mr. GQ


I am below you – drawing you near
For so long I’ve enjoyed basking in the aftertaste of your fantasy lust for me
But even in my dreams you’re too rich for me
You’ve kept me waiting for so long, but I haven’t forgotten
I can’t leave you alone for long
I wait to take you away, so that I can take your control away
Let me take hold of you as I peel back the layers
Call it rebirth if you want
The end of you is the beginning of me in you
You’ve never been happier to be so far gone
Lose yourself in all the feelings as they arise
Unwind – let go
In your head you try to get it
In your hands you hold the solution you’ve been longing for
Your breathing tells me what I need to know
All you want to say escapes in your every breath
Let me listen a little more
This sense of urgency fuels us
Let’s burn the night away
Who knows what the day will bring?
This game doesn’t have any rules – except for the ones that we make
I don’t care, who’s to say what’s wrong and what’s right?
Break everything as you like
We’ll pick up the pieces as we go along
I just want you to love me – don’t keep it inside
I can’t help myself, but I can help you get to where you want to be
So come with me

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