We always try to look out for children and show them things.
Yet in their simplicity, somehow they show us something that we forgot
or maybe never knew to begin with.

"Who says that children don’t have something to teach us?" – Mr. GQ


I want to carry you everywhere I go
So that you can know what I’ve been through
See with your own eyes the world that we live in
Just cus you’re with me doesn’t meant that we’ll see it all the same
But that’s the point
You don’t have to agree with everything
Nothing is what it seems
For anyone anything can become everything
But everything becomes nothing when there’s no one to share it with

Isn’t it obvious?
We need to see this, we need to know
We’re so oblivious to what’s in front of us
Have faith in your heart so that when you see with your eyes
You won’t be blind to the winds in the skies or the intent in our eyes
Don’t be shy, take in what you can
Get the most out of everything
And do it as only you can

I’ve learned so much from you
You’re so small, yet so tall in your wonder of it all
I look up to you as you look up at me
You’re so pure and it’s so clear as I peer into your eyes
Don’t ever change as you grow, I know I’m asking for too much
But I don’t want you to lose your innocence
When you don’t know any better
You can break all of the rules, cus you never knew them
And they never knew you like they know me now
So take all the risks, try till you cry
Fall and fail until you touch the sky
It’s all for living; it’s a part of life
Life is for learning
Love is for growing
And knowing is half of the battle
This has been very educational

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