The Right Time Is Never On Time

From where we are the past and future alike seems a million miles away.
What is down won’t always remain that way.

"We move through time in one direction, sad but it’s the truth." – Darren Hayes


We just want to move forward past the present future
As time goes on so do we
Let it be known that we were here
before the fog of yesteryear came and made things so unclear
I won’t let that get me down
Sure I might be late
Sure I’ve fallen but I can’t stay here
I can’t wait for another day, another try

I’ve never been one to want something more than I could handle
But contentment has its faults
Never wanting something more eventually becomes a bore
I’ve got to overstep these boundaries if I want to get anywhere
I want something that I can’t buy in any store
You can’t put a price tag on your name
For what it’s worth life’s worth its gain

I can’t keep myself to myself; I’ve got to find someone else
Who sees what I can’t see in myself
This isn’t the same person that you left behind
You’ll see that as I pass by you
I’m just trying to get back to what really matters
I can’t stand not knowing where I am
But all these maps and directions won’t get me to where I want to be
Standing, walking, running towards what I’m after
Speed isn’t an issue, I’ll take it slow
One step at time, I’ll be there soon someday

With all that I’ve been through I know that I’ve still got a long way to go
Sure I might not make it when you want me there
But I will reach there somehow someday
I’ll be there when I’m there
Don’t count me out, I’ve barely just begun
Throw away the clocks
The right time is never on time

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