Thought Trail

Half of the time I don’t know whether I’m chasing after you or the
memory of you.
Lingering thoughts always find a way to distract me to
no end.
I argue and struggle with the path my thoughts take me along.

"My thoughts aren’t always as clear as I’d like them to be." – Mr. GQ


As my thoughts run off with me
I can’t help but recall the numerous numbers of times I’ve been a slave to my thoughts
Breathe out another thought
Breathe in new waves of thinking
The day always hides behind the night
As words leave me I fail to feel their glow
If I can’t see the light in my words than how can anyone else?
To be set free – When freedom is something worth wanting
To be blind – When being blind to the things in front of you is a blessing in disguise
Oh to be alright with the unsettling quiet of the night

I can’t keep myself to myself, so I find someone else
I like to hear vocalized views trailing off
Leaving wonderment and joy in their wake
Rarely do I bother to stop and take in the situation at hand
Just being in the moment is all that’s required
I’ll say hello to the future when I get there
But for now I’ll take my time saying goodbye to the past
I can’t deny that I’ve surrounded myself with layers of deja vu
In hopes that I won’t forget you
So what if we never speak again, haven’t we already said enough?
I’ve already said too much

Like always I do the things that I’m not supposed to do
I let you go when I’m supposed to hold on to you
Contradictory statements constantly seduce me
So forgive me in advance
I love leaving you longing
Did you get a look at your future with me?

It’s no secret that I’m lost
I always go on my own and let myself get rescued by the enemy within
And yet I dare to wonder why I can’t trust myself with you
When it’s all said and done, it’s the night that has won me over
Find me in that moment that time forgot
As I walk down – I calm down
My thoughts trail off when I try to walk after you
So walk away – Carry on as my thoughts trail off

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