Silence Breaks (Assurance Awakens)

The first step to stepping outside yourself is the same as the last,
taking a step.
You know when a chance to go for something is in front
of you because everything seems crazy for a minute
as your heart reacts
to the situation at hand.

"I’d rather regret something I did, instead of something I didn’t do.
Some chances only come once in a lifetime."
– Mr. GQ


You live in another tense
You don’t want to stay yet you have no intention of leaving
Waiting for the noise to stop
It seems that the silence is slow to come
Everything can’t go your way
Everything won’t come to you
Feed your mind with anything that could mean something more
With no idea of what all this is supposed to mean
You find yourself standing waiting for something to happen
Of this much I am certain
Moving nowhere is better than staying nowhere
So move forward or in whatever direction gets you closer

Sometimes you don’t know why you look the way you do
There’s nothing wrong and yet nothing feels quite right tonight
Without the sense of belonging all these titles mean very little
Like the Wiseman playing the fool
There’s something about knowing that you’ve lost this one
And trying to fight the feeling anyway
Sometimes you must let things run their course

You’ve come a long way
When you’re not afraid to break a smile without reason
Go ahead and let the feeling linger a little longer
There’s nothing wrong with feeling alive
Inside of you is something more than you’re ready for
Of this much I am sure
The best is still yet to come

Did you know how far your feelings would get you?
There’s only so much distance you can cover with your words
When you come to your senses everything won’t seem so far
When you’re ready to try something new, take a breath
You’re about to do something you’ve never done before
So look within yourself before you look around
Before you wake up make sure you’re ready to take up your arms
The best is still yet to come – So reach out and pull it in
The change you bring is something that you can never predict
Just like the falling of stars
There’s nothing that can hide it
When assurance awakens within, it can be seen from afar
Sometimes you’ve got to bring yourself to the brink of being wide open
Nothing feels better

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