Moment’s Notice

I’ve been thinking…
I thought that my biggest regret in life (so far) would have softened
it’s impact
on me by now, and maybe it has, but I don’t really want it
Looking back at all of the things I did or didn’t do isn’t
something that I should shy away from.
I don’t want to make the same mistakes again, so I play them over and over again almost everyday.
Maybe some day I’ll get it.

"I’m never speaking again…" – Mr. GQ


From the beginning you’ve been making your way into my skin
But starting from the outside was not the safest way to begin
Maybe you should have started from the heart and found your way back out
Our hearts have become so tired of hiding and yet we’re still covering up
Do we even know what we’re fighting for?
We’ve been waiting for something – A sign
The signs go on and on, yet we’re still lingering
Hanging on to things that should be gone
We can’t figure out which moves to make

Let’s take a minute to make a moment
I can’t remember how I ever forgot your name
But I just can’t forget the look on your face whenever you would look my way
But you can’t return this breath that you’ve taken
And I wouldn’t want you to
You can keep all my air even though I’m not close to you
It’s just unfair no matter how I look at it
You were my first love – A technicality
You were and will always be ahead of me

Let it be known that we were here
The mystery of our history belongs to a day so far from here
As time moves on so do we
Let it be known that what we are and where we’ve been
Is something that only time can bring
I just wish I knew where you were, so we could start again
But I don’t want to waste your precious time
Walking back to point of origin
Time and time again I’ve found
That nothing holds me quite as tight as your words
That binds and finds a way into my skin

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