As You Are, I Am

Empathy in all its entirety is something that I’ve rarely ever found.
To be able to catch a meaning, a thought or even a feeling in the instant
it’s put out there is something that I rarely am able to do.
When you get it, really get what someone is thinking,
saying or feeling, you just know it and so do they.
I wish I could catch everything as it falls, but I’m not as fast or as kind as I’d like to be.

"Even if its pain that I feel, at least I know that it’s real, I’d rather be broken than afraid…" – Lifehouse


As you are, I am
Where you lay, I am in spirit and mind
Never mind all the faults and cracks of our bond
It’s okay to think of me when you need somebody
Likewise I can not stop myself from remembering you as you were when I was still there
Close enough to take in the warmth of your air
I’ve thought and I’m still thinking of all the ways you make me better
Feel better, look better, and even love better too
It’s funny how often I end up tracing along the shape that you take in all of my fantasies
Losing myself in your every line and curve
It’s amazing how real you feel even though I’ve never known you that way
Not even once has our touch been sexual
So how is it that I feel as though I’ve experienced you in such an extraordinary way?
Maybe our embraces were more than we knew them to be?
Or maybe I just didn’t see things that way

We thought we had everybody fooled, but they could see it clearly
The tension between us – Coming from both directions
Washing over us, cutting through the safe shade of our denial
So don’t go on thinking that you’re the only one
If I could feel as you felt at every moment, I would
But I don’t always know what is going on in your head and heart
Because I’m always trying to find myself in approval
Predictable, I know – I’ve already been this, already done that
Every action another retraction refraining from being true to you
I hide behind all these walls till I’ve broken them down
But in the breaking, I lost something this time
Oh blessed ignorance of mine – Always causing me to be misunderstood
I’m trying to find my way
But I haven’t got it all figured out quite yet

There’s nothing wrong with being wrong
And there’s nothing wrong with losing
I am lost – In you there is no clear destination
No end in sight to the things that attract and repel me
In a way you and I are everything that I’ve ever known
I can’t seem to find an instance that does not revolve around you somehow
Even outside this miserable life of mine, it’s as if you are my life
You feel me burning up in the heat of this separation
Try as I might, I can’t seem to see past the things I’ve done
Whenever I think I’m not the one
I don’t see another one to blame under the sun
And in the light of the night I still can’t see anyone else worth watching over

As you are, I am completely incomplete
Standing, falling everywhere in between
How could I not feel the same as you?
As you, I’ve felt the same
I’ve refused to feel anything
Refused to accept
Refused to look back as you looked on
I have felt the same, just not always at the exact same moment as you

Come one, come all my love
Not one by one, or drop by drop – Flood our systems entirely
Drenched in the raw flow of our growing love moving through
I know that there’s no other way
It’s all or nothing now
So hurry up and take your time coming in and out of my life
You always stick around long enough to leave me longing
So go on and leave the way you came
Just make sure that you take me with you this time
Take my security from me

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2 thoughts on “As You Are, I Am

  1. Sexii mama

    hey waz popin just sayin hi


  2. eman

    nice space u got …. keep it up
    love what u wrote…:)


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