I really don’t know what to say about this one, it is what it is.

"I close my eyes but not my heart…" – Mr. GQ


Seconds before me I’ll fall into what I saw coming so many minutes ago
I’m on my way down to the ground
Truth is that there was never anyone beside me
It’s been so long, this fall I mean
My heart beats fast, but the ground beats against me faster
Slow and painful, still I heard nothing, not a sound
But all throughout I felt
Yet somehow I know that the pain doesn’t come from these wounds
Over and over again I’m reliving the fall
I’m missing love while my life passes by me as I go down
I don’t know what it’s like to be at peace when I’m always in pieces
Leaving me lonely, I alone fall apart like the yesterdays that I don’t want to remember

I’ve been missing your love as I fall into my own shadow
Never in my shadow, but always behind me
That’s the problem isn’t it?
I can’t see you even though I know you’re there
I know what you feel, but I don’t know how you feel
If I can’t see, hear, smell or feel you, how am I supposed to know that you’re really real?
Tell me how you feel, share your vision with me
I wouldn’t run if you told me that you wanted me to stay close
Love isn’t everything, it’s just the beginning – It, like me can wait
I’d settle for like, "I’m in like with you" sounds good to me
"But there’s no way that you could or would like loving me anyway", I tell myself in my head
I’ve never been good at growing old cus I’ve forgotten my age once again
Like everything, it’s become so easy to forget
But forgiving myself takes far too long

When the love is right, there’s no need to push or pull – Just be still
When we don’t know where we are, we’ll ask
I’ll be fine as long as you never go out
You may go cold, just don’t let your spark go out – Not because of this seven day fool
I don’t have to look up at the stars to know that your future will be bright
So I smile as I go down face down
I close my eyes, but not my heart
I can’t fall fast enough now
Down – I have no choice but to take the fall
Put down like a criminal I am
I will always fall, but I will never leave again – Not while I have breath in me
We rise, we fall – We think when we don’t know anything at all
Save her from the beating that her heart bears because I’ve been a fool
If only you could hear me now as I’m on my way down
I close my eyes, but not my heart

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One thought on “Down

  1. eman

    wo0o0o0o0o0w  , wo0o0o0o0w  wo0o0o0w
    so love it… i almost felt it  so amazing
    we do fall  ..and i hope we always find our way to rise …


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