M.S.E. Wilds

I wrote this a few nights ago as I was just about to go to bed.
I had turned off my computer when I felt a rush of inspiration hit me,
so I turned my computer back on and wrote this.
"The Yearnings – The Intangibles – The Unknowns & The Rush"
seemed to take on a life of their own, so this won’t be the last time you hear/read of them.

"We want what we want…" – Mr. GQ


Into the wilds of the mind
Through the searing heat of the spirit
Falling under the influence of emotions
Let the buzzing electricity rise with the intensity of the situation
Let every breath bear the weight of the thoughts that birthed them
Your world changes within without knowing a thing
Can’t you feel it? – Things are changing within
With the promise of an answer each question is asked
Line after line we’ve fallen in; Roped in by the need for an end
Endings are like the very beginnings they were forged from
Don’t believe the separation in the borderline
Every ending is a stand still, a pause
Press play so we can begin anew

When was the last time you crossed the line and redefined your world?
I can see it in your eyes; you’ve grown bored with things as they are
Is it wrong to want something different?
Everyone can’t want the same things; we just weren’t wired that way
You’ve got a craving for something new
You want to wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into
You want to feel The Rush wash over you as The Unknown enters your veins
Touching every part of your being
You want to balance a different kind of taste in your mouth
The Yearnings don’t care for your personal politics
You want what you want again and again within

Into the wilds of the mind
I know you know enough to stay
You want to be the one in control
You want to be completely alive
Before you fall away from the way you’re going
Stand still and look out into the face of your faith
Stand and breathe it all in – Take in everything, leave nothing behind
You know what you get when you look to the left
You can’t look away when you’re searching for a sign
Can you feel it? – Something’s rising
It’s that feeling you get but can’t quite explain
It has begun and begins again every time you question existence
Watch as everything collides in the heat of the spirit
The Yearnings – The Intangibles – The Unknowns & The Rush
Giving rise to a brand new flame
Don’t believe the separation in the borderline

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