Word With You

We speak, but do we know what we’re really saying?
I have to wonder if I truly say what I mean because the things that mean something to me have changed.
There comes a day when everything that’s been said has to be weighed against our present beliefs.

"Can my words go the distance?…" – Mr. GQ


I want to have a word with you
Not just one, but many
I want our words to overflow carrying us into the night
Or maybe I could settle for just one word that stands out among the crowd
Is it crazy to think that there is a word that rings emotionally true for each of us?
And that in hearing those words something would shift within us
Or that the very fabric of the things we’ve held on to would just let go
Releasing us from holding on to them any longer

When you bridge the gap with the words you utter
It should cover the distance in ways that your legs never could
We can run all we want, but words never run out or run away
No, they stay – Words never leave us
They trail us, following us into the many midnights we’ve faced with eyes closed
Even in the waking mornings they linger around finding places to insert themselves

Is it the intent or the motions that follow that defines what we say?
The way that something is said keeps us guessing, dreaming and fantasizing to no end
But what they mean, does that ever change or does that always stay the same?
Words never leave us, so why do we renounce them constantly with our apologies?
We change, but what we’ve said to each other doesn’t have to

My whole life is made up of so many words that I have never touched on
The impact of one word can outweigh so many
With all of the things that I have never said
And all of the words that I have yet to even grasp
Is it possible that I have left out a word that was meant solely for you?

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