Stand Alone Complex

I was an addict to making mistakes.
If I could change the ending to this story, I would.
Someday I might, if somebody would give me a chance.
Until then I’ll remain alone, but not lonely.

"And I can’t explain…The kind of pain that never hurts. The one you hate to love is made for you" – BSB


If we don’t hang together we’ll fall apart
We’re in the business of cleaning up our messes
You know where to shove it and I know how throw it in your face
So now its time to to pick up the pieces we’ve left behind
We’re always getting better at pushing each others buttons
What are we going to do to one another next?

I’m not making this up, I’ve mastered the art of messing up
I’ll be fine, but what if fine is not good enough
I should’ve been more real
Given you something you actually wanted to feel
You we’re everything to me
So why couldn’t I let that be?
I can’t blame you and believe me I could try
But somebody has to put these flames to rest
I need you to break free
I won’t let you see what hell there is in me
A thousand times a thousand breaths and I still can’t breathe
When will I grow tired of beating the hell out of me?

There are times when you can’t move back, even if you want to
So all that’s left is to move on
And hope that what’s done won’t be done again
I care enough not to be there holding you back
So here I am, sitting watching you go by
I can’t go back when there’s no one to go back to
I could care less about looking like a fool cus that’s nothing new to me
I’m tired of being such a disaster
But I can’t set free this part of me
When this part of me is my every and only mistake

All this wasted space is filled with countless memories that never hit the ground
Lifting me off my feet until I’m gone
But you’re still here, swirling around me as you fill the sky
I have to wonder if this will ever get better?
Will we begin to heal in the days coming?
We’ll never stop falling in and out with each other
But I need to know if we can stand these falls or will we just shatter?
Cus I don’t think we’ll ever stop falling into what we fell out of
When I’m always getting better at leaving you alone
In your head and your heart you alone fall apart whenever I’m around
I’m just no good for you
I’ve never been needed and yet I’ve never wanted anything more
How can we stand alone?

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One thought on “Stand Alone Complex

  1. eman

    There are times when you can\’t move back, even if you want toSo all that\’s left is to move on
    loved that part …yeah  moving on is so hard 😦


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