First To Be The Last

At some point watching and waiting for chances becomes
so uneasy and yet all you can do is take it until it’s your turn.
No one sees the other side of you coming when they’ve known
you one way for so long and yet you can only hope that they
would try to see you the way that you see them.

"You put your world on hold for me….I just want to hold your hand." – Hedley


Let me be the first to be your last
I have and still am waiting
So many days have become so many nights
You’re never alone, but you still look alone
Everyone wants you to be around them
But I just want to be with you alone
I’ll wait at the end of the line
Cus I’m already there and that’s just fine
As long as you let me in when I get there

Always passing, never still – I’ve been watching the way you move me
Never wanting material thrills, you only want what they’re all out of
You pay for nothing and yet you stay hoping
You see the world and everyone in it
And I only see you
If you would only look to the left you’d see who’s still left
Waiting and wanting to be different in your eyes

How many times do I have to tell you to get out of your mind?
There’s more space for you in mine
So get out of your mind and slip into mine
Let me be your last first kiss
The first person you want to hold and last person you want to let go of
I’ll be the first to be your last, if you’ll let me be

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