Remember the moments.
All we can do is hold on – To what we have.

"I hate the way you make me feel…and yet I don’t love you any less."– Reverie


This is not the place I thought we’d arrive at
Sometimes I wish I didn’t miss you
All of the things I wish you’d say always miss their mark
They just don’t seem to have a place in me
When the words feel so far and out of place coming from my own lips
I can’t feel the beating of your heart when we’re this far apart
I miss the years when our smiles were beyond compare to our innocent hearts
I wanted to fall into you but I guess my aim was more than a little off
Cus I seem to have shattered more than I could ever replace
And this time apart hasn’t restored any of the scars I’ve caused
Yet still I miss you and find comfort in thinking that you are near
Even still I must admit that I still wonder
What would your lips utter as our faces drew near?
Coming from so far all the distance still hasn’t faded what happens when I see your face
Many things have been blurred by the years – Would I be any different in your eyes?
I’d be a stranger if it meant you would glance my way from time to time again
I want to be far away from the way I was when last we spoke
You couldn’t see my face, but I wish you could – And I wish you were here
It’s pointless, I know – But still I find myself looking on with my face half lit up
Saying “I wish you were here”

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