Too Far

I wrote this about two weeks ago and put it aside,
thinking that it needed more, when in fact it needed less.
After taking away a line or two it seemed ready.
This is very bare bones and to the point.

"Somethings coming over me, ain’t no telling what we’ll be…" – Blake Lewis


What if I gave you too much space?
What if I let you go too far?
I’m not afraid of the distance, so I let you walk away
Always so sure that you would come around my way once more
But with all of the steps we’ve taken in different directions
One has to wonder if we’ve gone too far in our own ways

Many months silently pass right through me
The days keep on passing by and yet I can’t seem to figure out why
I keep dailing your number, and yet I haven’t called you once
I know your birthday and somehow it feels like our last day
If I can’t get to you by then, then we’ll really be through
Birthday wishes that we’ve outgrown have blown out their candles
But we’re still here

Life will get better someday
Even though that’s all that I can hope for, I’ll take it for now
If Queen Karma still reins then we’ll meet again someday
As long as you know my name and can say it with a smile
I’ll be alright even if we haven’t talked in a while
When I see you coming I hope a little more
I hope

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