Stand Still (It Won’t Last)

Lately the daunting realization of how little time I might have has
been hanging over my head, even more than usual.
The possibility of losing someone or some part of my life
has forced me to move on and step up regardless of how unprepared I may feel.
I’ve had too many "stand still breaks" and I think it’s time that I moved on.

"If I could only make it through the day…" – Jason Wade


On the inside everybody’s got something going on
On the outside you’ve got to look like you’re going somewhere
Always pretending to be a step ahead of yourself
As if moving forward during this stand still break for air will get me anywhere quicker
I’m here now, you’re here now and I won’t waste your time

This won’t last forever and I will waste no time
It won’t pay no mind to my wants and waves
I just can’t spend a second of time looking down
So I better take it all in now
Get it together and keep it that way
Keeping it together forever in my head
I won’t wait to find if this will last forever
So lead on cus I’m right behind you
But don’t think for a second that I’ll let you go

I’ll be with you and you’ll be by my side
Always lingering inside, taking up space where only pregnant memories reside
Well if that’s all I’ve got, I better find a way to make it work
With only a second of time
I will pay no mind to the ticking talking clocks
And look on into the flashing camera lights
Take my soul and keep it still if it makes you happy
Countdown to my arriving departure
By the time I even recognize this moment it will already be gone
And it won’t even last the length of this breath I’ve held
So much is sacred when it won’t last forever
So don’t hold your breath, take it all in

Remember when living was just another thing we’d do?
Rush towards the unknown
We’re running out of second chances and we’ve only got one life to live
So much energy is put into figuring out these intangible yearnings
Pay no mind to the weight of things you can’t grasp
It’ll all come to you in time
We’re already living on borrowed time, so just put it on my tab
I’m here now, you’re here now
I won’t wait to find out if this will last forever
How about you?

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