Another strangled smile fell from your face
Be honest with me, I can handle it
Don’t hide the broken parts, let me inside, let me feel the way that you felt
Where did your kindness go? Did it retreat after taking one too many blows?
You could find cover from the rain, but you’d rather walk it out
You’re so cold, I don’t even know you no more
Where did your heart go and when will it come back?
I can’t wait forever and you can’t keep doing this over and over
I want to help, but where do I start?

You’ve never been one to fight
No blame, no raised voices and no signs of the person I’ve come to know and love
Should I even ask or should I back away until this storm is over?
I know the difference in your silences and I can feel something lacking in your embrace
You’re looking for a purpose, I can see it in your eyes that seem so distant
For too long you’ve been denying while burying the pain, now you’re tired of trying
It’s complicated, it’s not all that we thought it’d be

I wish I could feel the beating of your heart
I miss the way your face lit up the room
I miss you, if only you knew all the ways
You mean so much to me, it’s time I let you know
All I want is to be with you, even when your words are at a loss
I’ll be around, by your side
Even in your silence I can hear you

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