Want For Nothing More

You are free to believe whatever you choose,
but do not be deceived by what you would like to believe
You won’t do yourself any favors by taking the easy way out
Honestly, you’d like nothing more than to be wanted
Being needed is easy, hell it’s necessary
I’ve learnt that it’s best not to expect anything at all
You’ve got something that they want, if only they knew

Who cares if you fail, who cares if you fall?
Take the risk, get messed up and then get back up
Promise me that you won’t fear what you haven’t tried for yourself
I don’t want you to be alone because I want what’s best for you
Sometimes it’s better if you don’t understand
I know that I can count on you, if only they knew you like I did

You know what passion is, but you’ve never embraced it
You know what love looks like, but do you know what it feels like?
You won’t understand until you give it a try
I can see that thing that wants to live inside your heart
I’ve seen you keep your cool, now I want to watch you burn
You’ve been waiting for someone to cross the line
You’d like nothing better than to be on the receiving end of attraction
Anticipating, you’re still waiting
Wait no longer and you will want for nothing more
Take what you want

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