Too Close To Call

This is for those nights when drifting to sleep in your arms takes me back to where it all began.
In your embrace I’ve fallen farther than I could trust, and that’s when I take one of these fingers and travel down to the heart of hearts so that I can find myself in you.

I love this right here, a precious moment without a care.
I need you to know that you’ve become a part of my everyday in more ways than I’ve realized.
When I choke its because the air is jealous because its not my reason for breathing, you are.
You’ve got the best of me and left nothing to chance.
This season I give it all away just to have you to myself a moment longer.

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5 thoughts on “Too Close To Call

  1. Love this!


  2. Hi, yes I just started my blog actually and as of today have loosened up my security. There’s not much to see, I do not have that much time to work on it.
    Xmas was great, how was yours? Anxious to get the new year on the go though, back to normal time!
    Your stuff is really touching, I’m glad I stumbled upon it…!


    • Christmas was great! My mom came home, she hadn’t been a part of our festivities for the past 2 years (not by her choosing) and I skyped with my family in 4 different countries (US, England, Germany and myself Canada). We had a full house and partied, watched movies and stuff until 2 in the morning.

      The whole blog entry thing will come in time. I find that having the wordpress app on my phone makes checking up on posts and submitting things really quick. Sometimes I just have to go with an idea the instant it hits me or else I’ll lose it, so it’s for that reason that writing short notes and then posting them upon completion seems to work out for me.

      I’ll be checking out your blog and thanks once again for commenting on my poem.


  3. Awesome for you! Are you in Toronto? I live in New Brunswick…
    Hope your New Year’s is as great!


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