6 steps to win Girl’s Heart (via True Love Story Never Ends)

Some of this has got to be true since I’ve heard/read these tips so many times before. Wait a second, I could say the same thing about all those rumors I heard about me hooking up (insert name) keeps coming back to haunt me.

All jokes aside, there’s got to be something to this.

6 steps to win Girl's Heart 6 steps to win Girl's Heart It's like you begin to see the world as completely limitless. ANYTHING is possible. Almost like you're escaping from this imaginary shell that has enclosed you all of your life… FUN and SEXY. This means: 1. You keep her entirely "in the moment." 2. You turn your conversation with her into a "fun" game. 3. You don't hide the fact that you're a sexual being. 4. You accept the fact that she is a sexual being. 5. You kee … Read More

via True Love Story Never Ends

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