Friend Taste Testing (Dating Friends)

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Most of us belong to a large circle of friends that we have known for years. Few of us have more than a few groups of friends (your date knows what I am talking about). I wanted to touch on the girl and guy friends that you hang out with every weekend,  your date/friend that you know everything about and that knows what is going on in your life as if they were linked to your Facebook/Twitter status updates.

Why do we limit ourselves to dating within our own circle of friends? Myself and few others excluded, think that every one of my friends have hooked up with each other at some point in time. Once you’ve been a part of the same circle of friends for a number of years, the act of dating within your group elevates itself to this “creepy” level of “incest” or “friend-cest” instead of actual dating. I call this phenomenon “OTH (One Tree Hill) Syndrome”, because as anyone who has watched that show for more than 2 seasons can tell you, EVERYONE within the main group of characters has dated or hooked up with one another at some point. It’s like six degrees of separation but with faces and names that you can actually remember since you see them all the time.

I have a girl friend or two that seems to continuously date every single guy in our group, jumping from one to the other as if it were a taste test. This behavior is not limited to the females only; my guy friends enjoy dipping in the cookie jar too. Now I’m not saying that dating within your group of friends is wrong or weird, because I get that these people are your friends because there’s an attraction to them on some level. I’m just wondering why some people keep dipping into the same well until it’s dried up?

Any questions or comments?

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