Save Us (Let’s Face It)

Looking back, you still dream of the same old things.
The same old places where you used to feel safe.
The same embraces and faces that brought you peace.
You pay no mind to today and the things that have yet to come.
There’s nothing here for you yet because you’re not ready to face a future.
Without her it’s hard to stay alive, if only barely.
It’s not fair, and it’s not right, but it is what it is.
So why don’t you deal with it?
Oh the things you do just to keep yourself alive.
Let’s face it, this was never what I wanted even if it’s what you needed.
Wake up from your slumber and live your life.
Let’s face it.

You were always in over your head, but not once did you drift away.
So young and ready to make mistakes.
The cuts and bruises don’t hurt half as much as not knowing does.
No one ever really wins in this guessing game.
What is it that made you stay?
What seemed to be your whole world has gone away, but still you stay.
What are you waiting for, what is it that you want?
Your problem is that you don’t want anything for yourself.
You’d kill to save a life, yet you’re not dying to save yourself.
Save yourself for someone else.
Even with nothing to give, you’re more than worth it.
Is it selfish to want nothing at all?
Before you give it all away, I thought that maybe we could just have a little conversation.
I want to be real with you, I really do.

Don’t ask me if I’ll still be there when you awake, because I’ve been by your side all along.
Nothing’s changed, at least not where I’m concerned.
The way I feel inside is reflective of your need to always make things right.
So tonight we will keep trying.
Make me understand, give me no reason to think twice.
It tears me apart to see your heart tremble as you hold on for dear life.
Sometimes seeing you is all the affirmation I need to know that I made the right choice.
Our choices make us.
We embrace and oppose, I suppose that’s just our way of life.

These three years feels like an eternity.
For what its worth, behind every emotion that I’ve shown you, there’s another that’s not quite ready for you yet.
I guess there’s a part of me, like you, that’s not ready to be known in it’s entirety.
I won’t ask you to explain yourself, every day I trust in you.
In this age of reflection, I am as you are.
So take what you can before I overflow and drown you.
My sensible heart longs to flood your defenses.
In the water you are beautiful.
“When did we get so deep?” You ask.
When I decided that your heart and soul would be mine to keep.
If only.
There’s no way that I’m leaving you behind.
This is my intention.

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