To The Point

I’ve got nowhere for you to stay, but I can tell you where you can go.
You’ve got me speechless as I stop and wonder “what was I thinking?”.
I don’t know where to start, somebody tell me what I was tripping on before I fall too far.
Everything was all for nothing, now I know.
It just isn’t the same when I try to let my love out while my heart’s under arrest.
I’m past the point of turning back, I’ll let karma look out for me.

It’s a damn shame when the look of love turns crooked and out of focus.
Perception is reality and I didn’t pay attention, I guess that’s my bad.
My connection with the past stops here, I’ve made up my mind.
From this point on my intentions will be sharp and succinct.
No more games when it comes to matters of the heart.
I can’t even catch my breath, it’s out of control.
I wanted to know you and now I know better.
It’s time to let go, I can’t stay.
I won’t die today.
So go ahead.
Ready, aim.

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One thought on “To The Point

  1. Craig Cochrane

    Ohhhh this gave me goosbumps 😀 its fab


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